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7 Self Care Tips

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

1) Put on some makeup. For me putting on some makeup and hanging with friends makes me feel good. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot either. It can honestly be as simple as putting on some lipstick and blush. I’m a firm believer that when you look good you feel good. So, when you feel you look your best you will exude confidence. For those that prefer not to make any makeup that’s fine too. I honestly don't wear makeup everyday, but when I go out I definitely do.

2) Go to the spa. Getting a massage, manicure, and/or pedicure is always relaxing. Sometimes taking an hour of your time to get pampered can relieve a lot of stress you have.

3) Do a hobby you enjoy. Outside of school and work it’s important for you to do things that you love. Whether that something is rock climbing, going to movies, or singing you should carve out time to do it. Doing things you love is mentally and physically healthy for you.

4) Eat well. I’m definitely far from always eating the healthiest foods, but I am conscious of eating certain foods in moderation. For instance, I love mac & cheese, but I don’t eat it every day. I try to make sure I’m not consuming a lot of junk food and stay hydrated as much as possible. I’m also not a soda drinker. The saying that “you are what you eat” is true. So, try to eat healthy when you can. When you do you’ll notice that your body will feel better too.

5) Exercise. Exercise is not only important for our physical health, but our mental as well. I personally have been into orange theory fitness class lately. I’m truly enjoying it, because it makes me feel good and it helps to release stress. For those thinking of trying the class… beware that your body will be sore LOL.

6) Take a vacation. I think we can all agree that lying by the beach or soaking up some sun rays on an island never hurt anybody. In fact, going on vacation is a great thing, because it allows you to be temporarily removed from your usual environment. This means for a moment you can get away from your job, school assignments, and other daily tasks of your life that you may usually do. For those that may be thinking well I don’t have a lot of money to go on a vacation, you honestly don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can go on a cruise which tends to be affordable for many. If you prefer not to go out the country, you can plan a road trip and turn that into a vacation.

7) Prayer. Prayer plays a huge role in my life. I believe that there is power in prayer, and I think it’s important that we pray for the things that we want and desire. God listens to our prayers and he will answer them. So, I encourage each of you to pray, because I believe it will make a difference.

This concludes my 7 self-care tips. I hope you find them helpful and apply them to your life. If you have any questions or comments on the tips I provided, please leave a comment below or DM me @nursekimdarpoh on Instagram.

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