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How to Land Your Dream Job As a New Grad RN

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

So, you graduated nursing school and now the hunt for your first nursing job is on! I personally knew before even graduating nursing school that I wanted to work in the Emergency Department. For me, this was my dream specialty. However, no matter what your dream specialty is I have some advice that will help you get the job of your dreams as a new grad RN.

For one its important to start your job search early. I recommend about one to two months before graduation to start your search. You must remember that many new grads are graduating all around the same time. You can get an edge over the competition by applying early to positions. Preferably apply to new grad residency positions, because they allow you to be hired before you take the NCLEX. The only thing is that you’ll have to take the NCLEX and pass it by the time the residency program starts.

Another thing I found helpful to me was doing my research. In other words, research the different hospitals in your area that interest you. You should have some general knowledge about the hospitals that you interview for. One reason is, because they may ask you what it is that attracted you to want to work at their hospital. So, you want to be prepared for that question and incorporate what you know about their hospital into your answer.

I found confidence to be essential too. You may have heard that before, but that’s because it truly goes a long way. So, what does confidence entail? It entails looking your interviewer or interviewers in the eye, smiling, shaking their hand firmly, and speaking clearly and concise. All those things will certainly lead you on your way to a great interview and ultimately closing the deal.

Lastly, is to send a thank you email. Besides having a great interview, I believe that sending a thank you email shortly after my interview helped to secure the job. By doing this it sets you a part and it shows your appreciation for the time that was taken out for them to interview you.

I hope that you take note of these tips and use them. I'm confident that they will help you land your dream job as a new grad RN. Good luck! Remember, you got this! If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below or DM me @nursekimdarpoh on Instagram.

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